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Hi everyone! How’s it going? For those who aren’t shielding and have been granted a bit more leg room with these lockdown restrictions, I hope you’re enjoying it. We’re all a bit envious of you, you see Faith has to take medication that turns her immune system way down so our household got the shielding letter (hence the no contact deliveries we’ve been doing since March). While all these restrictions are being lifted bit by bit we are still in full on lockdown until 23rd June at the earliest - who knows if that’ll go on longer?

This whole lockdown life is very frustrating and people everywhere are coming up with great, imaginative tasks to get the days in and create a bit of fun in this, actually quite devastating,

time. A birthday in lockdown can be even more family visits, no friends, are we even allowed to blow out candles on a birthday cake and then share it with everyone anymore?! It’s my birthday in June, I’m kind of an introvert and I never do much “going out” for my birthday but I will miss the family shenanigans - my family birthday tradition was to take a mallow tea cake and smash it on your forehead to see whose would stick..yea, I have no idea where that one came from, we’re all weirdos!!

On a side note, I’ve seen a lot of people threatening to put up the Christmas decorations over lockdown to make staying in, eating lots and watching movies seem that bit more normal.

Well, I had an idea. Seen as June is halfway to Christmas, I’ve got a birthday in June, the kids are needing something new to entertain them, and we’ve always wondered how the Australians deal with having Christmas in their summer time...yep, we’re putting the decorations up and having a Christmas dinner with complete with prawns on the BBQ for my birthday. No school work for a day, just small presents (for everyone, not just me), our traditional Christmas day brekkie, no lunch just some chocolate coins while we wait on our Christmas dinner, and of course we’ll be eating dinner outside (please don’t rain, we are in Northern Ireland!) with a birthday/Christmas cake for afters.

Think of Santa Claus The’ll be Christmas Two!! A the season to be jolly and joyous fa la la... so we’re adopting the Christmas Spirit and we’re not keeping it to ourselves. We are going to have 12 Days of Thank You throughout June for the local people who have kept our community running during this weird and scary time, but we’re also going to use some of those 12 days to say a wee thank you to people who have personally supported us at Hill’s Mixtape over the years. We’ll keep our social media updated with pics and stories and a little peak at the gifts we’ll be giving out. That’s exciting, right? you give up or are ya thirsty for more?

Here it is a final, Christmas Two celebration, we’re going to have our Christmas Iced Coffees on sale on the website only for the month of June. There are a limited number available, once they’re gone they’re gone. So if you’ve been craving one of these Christmas delights make sure you get in there quick.

Now all that’s left to say is...Merry (pretend Australian) Christmas ya filthy animals!

Cat x

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