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Happy lockdown...YAY!?!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Birthdays are funny things. How we expect them to go, or how we celebrate them can all depend on how our parents celebrated ours when we were little. My cousin got a birthday month, breakfast in bed and a Happy Birth Month song on the 1st morning of her birthday month!?! I love birthdays, mine, yours, theirs...whoevers it is, I just love them. I suppose because for me it’s a day when you see loads of family, eat your favourite dinner and eat lots of buns and cake (yes I was a fat child - in fact I was the fattest child!). My birthdays as a child always included those things, some years there were added extras like friends and a bouncy castle, one year my parents even booked the minor pool in Ards for all of my classmates, that was fun! I still loved the birthdays where it was just Cousins, Aunties, Uncles and Grannys, as well as the food...ooohhh does anyone remember knickerbocker glories or was that just a thing in my house? It was a big tall glass with layers of Ice cream and jelly and chocolate and cream mmm mmm!! Mum made them for every birthday.

For our kids birthdays are all about the two parties...yep, TWO! They get one with their friends and one for the family. It doesn’t always have to be a big thing but they value the same things, seeing their favourite people, having fun and eating food. Our niece celebrated her 10th Birthday a few days ago. DOUBLE FIGURES!! Wow, in lockdown - pretty sucky! For a little ray of sunshine (her favourite colour is actually yellow!) it was difficult for her to stand at a distance when Andy called past. He dropped off some goodies when he was passing (essential travel only) and he could visibly see her holding in the urge to hug him (she is a great hugger). Her birthday energy spilled out of her with no friends or party shenanigans to soak it up. Still, she had her Mum, Dad, Sisters and Brother who all celebrated her, as well as some delicious food, that sounds like a birthday to me.

It’s my other niece’s birthday in a few days, mine will likely be in lockdown too (watch out for that one, we’ve got some more plans) and possibly Brandon’s. So, as a nod to all the folk out there who have lockdown birthdays we’re going to give away a case of Iced Coffees and a cookie box! Get nominating someone who is missing out on celebrations they had planned for a special birthday because of lockdown. Send us your nominations via facebook or instagram, just tag them under our post (links below). Include what age they’re turning and when. We’ll get google to pick a winner at random on 30th April and we’ll get in touch with the nominator in case you want it to be a surprise on a certain date.

Talk to you all soon. In the meantime stay fresh!

Pic credit; Mark Hill




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