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Hopefully by now you’ll have seen our little advert for our new product. I think it’s awesome, big shout out to Mark Hill (Andy’s lookey likey) for being able to put into media what we saw in our heads. We wanted it to stand out but also be simple enough to show exactly what the new product is.

This product came about so naturally in the House of Hill. We have a thirteen year old who can’t get enough of the stuff (we do limit him though, I mean he’s only thirteen and he lives in our house - none after 4pm!!). So together with Brandon and us both drinking it “err day” we just didn’t have the room in our fridge to keep us adequately stocked unless we took out most of our food! We also hit an embarrassing point of realising our recycle bin was full of our own Iced Coffee bottles (100% recyclable, please recycle)!

On the other hand we have an eleven year old kid who, we’ve discovered in the last year and a half, is dairy intolerant and guess what...Soya Milk turns out to be her least favourite milk alternative.

We brew and bottle our ready to drink Iced Coffee range from scratch with our own four hands in our factory. So it was pretty easy to bottle up some of the coffee before it was mixed with the milk and bring it home for Faith to mix with whatever milk alternative was her favourite that week. Pretty soon Brandon was using it to make his own when we ran out of our ready to drink stuff and we would all fill our R Cups to our own spec and head out on some sort of adventure. I’m not going to lie, on those days when I knew I was tired I added in more of the coffee and less of the milk. More about that point further down ↓

It was about six months of our recycling bin being a little lighter before that EUREKA moment hit (Hey! We’re a busy bunch!) and we realised maybe you guys and your mates might like the idea of making up your own with whatever milk you fancy, or just having more space in your fridge, or saving on plastic (yep, it’s a glass bottle - also 100% recyclable).

So here it is, you can make around 12 Iced Coffees, depending on how strong or weak you want it and how big your glass is. Also, if you use some to mix with ice cream for an affogato, or as an ingredient in your baking, or with your spiced rum (delicious by the way) then you will maybe not make it to 12 traditional Iced Coffees, but hey you’ll definitely enjoy it.

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