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At Hill's Mixtape, we believe that coffee is just a drink and shouldn't be complicated. Our Iced Coffee range is there to add a bit of refreshment while you're out and about being awesome. That's because we've done all the work in making it taste great.

Hill's Mixtape started in 2016 serving coffee at events from our trusty horse trailer. Getting to be outside, brew some amazing coffee and meet so many people was awesome. 

It was in that horse trailer we went about creating a cold coffee offering, there was iced coffee available to buy in but we knew what we wanted for Hill's MIxtape. 

BOOM! Hill's Mixtape Iced Coffee was born and it was better than what we could get our hands on from other companies. We bottled it and took it out into the world and the rest is history. We now brew, bottle and deliver Northern Ireland's very own iced coffee right from our Mixtape Factory.

Coffee is only one part of our mixtape and we intend to continue to add more tracks. Stick around, there's more to come.

Andy Hill

Chief nerd, lover of music, movies and being out on a bike. 

Cat Hill

Chief doer of the things. 

A happy lady, drinker of coffee, maker of treats and haver of adventures.

Brandon Hill

Music nerd, bassist at heart. Number one iced coffee drinker. 

Faith Hill

In house dairy free taste tester.

Chief of moral support and all things cheery.  LOVES the beach, always singing.

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